Birth Control Makes Your Boobs Bigger

Published on: Apr 05 2014 by Candice
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Birth-ControlandboobsWhether your wondering whether birth control makes your boobs bigger or not? It does.

Are you on birth control pills? Well look down today and look down next week and you may see that your boobs have got bigger. It’s proven, birth control pills make your boobs grow bigger.

Birth control has tremendous control over the increased size of boobs, but there are several other factors as well that affect the boob’s increased size; your lifestyle, daily diet, type of birth control pills you are taking and the dosage.

As birth control pills have Progestin and Estrogen that immensely affect the boob size. These two hormones are the catalyst in increasing your boob size. However, if you stop taking the pills then the effect will be reversed and your boobs will gradually come to their original “before the pills” shape.

Let’s take a look on some ways to understand how and why birth control pills make boobs grow bigger:

Influence of Estrogen

The hormones in birth control pills cause the boobs to retain fluids, leading to a condition, medically known as edema. So be clear about one thing that boob size increase has nothing to do with body fats or mass rather it is just because of the fluids. The condition is reversed when you stop taking the pills.

Imitating Pregnancy

Birth control pills have psychological effect on your body; it imitates the pregnancy and makes your body thinks in a way as if you are pregnant. So as in pregnancy your boobs increase in size, likewise happens when you are on birth control pills.

Birth control pills contains the same hormones as a pregnant woman’s body naturally produces. That is the reason that these pills have similar effects on your body. It will cause mood swings, nausea, tingling sensations.

Impact of Estrogen and Progesterone

Since the hormones in birth control pills affect the breast tissues slowly, thus the increase in breast size is going to take long and will take some time to disappear. Estrogen and Progesterone the hormones in birth control pills cause the breast tissues to grow in size.

Effect on Dipose cells

Adipose cells or as we call it ‘fat cells’ are the ones that get affected the most by the Estrogen from birth control pills. Their affect is such that they directly increase the size of the breasts. Quite smartly, the cells do not grow in number, rather they grow in size. Depending on the dosage of birth control pill they keep growing in size; thus making the boobs bigger and more voluptuous.


Bigger boobs are not the only effect of birth control pills on your body. It does trick your body in such sensations, that are tender and cause tingling in your boob’s which is quite common among females who take these pills. However it really does disappear when you stop taking the pills. The tingling sensation in medical terms is called “mastalgia”.

Trust your instincts and do not give yourself a lecture on being diet conscious or start extensive exercises. You must know that this increase in your boob size is just the result of those birth control pills.

It is highly recommended that before taking any kind of birth control pills or similar medication, do visit your doctor and enquire about the dosage and potency of the pills since your age, body, lifestyle are important factors in determining the effects these pills might have on your body.

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