Does Breast Actives Actually Work? Day 21

Published on: Apr 06 2014 by Candice
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Hi Ladies,

Firstly sorry for the lack of posting regarding my progress with Breast Actives but I just felt that I didn’t really have enough information to share with you up until now, woohoo! My last progress post using Breast Actives was on Day 10, now 11 days on I have some news for you! I have officially been using Breast Actives as a natural breast cream to make boobs bigger for 3 weeks or 21 days..

So given it’s Day 21, I do have quite a bit to share with you on the boob front. For those you who aren’t following my blog (you better start NOW!), anyway, for my regular followers, you would know that I didn’t have much to share on Day 10. You would also know that I had a bit of jealously 11 days ago because my friend was seeing some slight firmness in her breasts, but I wasn’t!

Well hello Day 21 and I am the bearer of good news. I have a smile on my face today as I am writing this. Geez, what has my life come to?

And to make things ever better, I had a lovely lady contact me via email this week asking if I had any further progress using Breast Actives, at the time I had nothing to share. But since then, the changes have been happening and they happened pretty fast. So I was happy I could email her back some real results and some good solid information to help her.

And of course, this post I can share all the details with all my lovely ladies too.

So here goes..

My Breast Actives Results So Far…

  • I have been using Breast Actives for 3 weeks now.
  • It’s really easy to use and I haven’t had any side effects (so much so that as you will know from my Day 10 progress report, I wasn’t feeling a thing, I actually thought that dam cream wasn’t working, surprise, it does! Lucky I didn’t give up)
  • All capsules and cream are 100% natural and safe to use. The natural ingredients actually work to grow breast tissue.
  • The Breast Actives Package I purchased was the 2 months supply so package no. 2 which is around $109.95 (I saved $10 with this deal)
  • In the last couple of days, so maybe around Day 18, I started noticing that my boobs starting feeling more firm (and they kinda looked more perkier). After doing a couple of double takes in front of the mirror, I came to the conclusion that they were in fact more perkier. I guess, when the boobs get firmer, they also become more perkier.
  • On Day 18 till today which is Day 21, I have seen some massive changes in my breasts. On Day 18 (because of my double takes in the mirror), that night I ended up taking a few photos because I wanted to track my progress. I took some photos today also and there is quite a noticeable change in the photos.
  • Sitting here today, 3 weeks on since I started Breast Actives, I don’t really need the photos to tell the story. I can feel that my boobs are fuller and perkier. Here’s how I know. I used to wear chicken fillet padding in my bras all the time. When I say all the time, I literally mean ALL THE TIME. I wouldn’t leave home without them. When I went swimming, I had my water resistant bikini chicken fillet padding in there too. So for me, yesterday was the first day that I didn’t walk out the door with my chicken fillet boob padding. I went SOLO. No bra padding! That’s it for me. My actual own real boobs filled my bra. That is a first for me. Breast Actives is working baby!

As you can see, I am pretty happy with what’s happened in the last couple of days. All in all, it’s taken 3 weeks to notice some real changes in my boobs. So, does Breast Actives actually work? Does Breast Actives make your boobs bigger? Yeh, it has definitely made my boobs bigger and fuller. Only slightly, but the changes are happening. Everyone get’s different results in different time frames, but I am one happy little lady (without bra padding anymore).

So, after a rather disappointing Day 10 with not much to report, I’ve swung back into action and feeling quite accomplished. I am happy where I am at the moment. And I can tell you, half the battle dealing with small boobs is the emotional side and I tell you that I am feeling alot better about myself and my confidence has lifted. Not equally in the boob size department (just yet) but look, my confidence is building and that is a bonus!

To be completely honest with everyone, at the beginning I was a little skeptical about it, I was buying the product because I am a go-getter that likes to try anything and everything out to just get some result as I believe something is better than nothing and to feel down and depressed about myself is not an option. I’m not like that, I like to try things and move on. So I am actually surprised that after only 3 weeks, I have noticed some pretty big changes in my breasts and you know what? I feel better about myself already.

I have high hopes for the next couple of weeks. I am expecting some big changes (and bigger boobs for that matter!). Whether these dreams for bigger breasts get crushed? Who knows? But I can tell you that there is something happening down there and I like it! Yo girlfriend, I think my boobs are growing!

Don’t forget that if you want to try Breast Actives as a natural cream to make your boobs bigger, you should take advantage of the special 2 month free supply offer. See below for more information.

I’d love to hear from you. Please comment if you feel comfortable. Have you used Breast Actives? Did you see some good results? And how long did it take you to get bigger boobs from using it?


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4 Comments to “Does Breast Actives Actually Work? Day 21”

  1. Sandra says:

    thanks so much for taking the time to share your progress with us. i started breast actives probably around the same time as you, maybe 1 week earlier, and i’ve just started seeing results now. so for me it took about 6 weeks for it to work. my boobs are really full now and i am filling up my bra size. i’m really happy. let’s hope we continue seeing our boobs get bigger :)

    • Candice says:

      Your Welcome Sandra. Thanks for commenting on my site! I’m glad that you have seen some good results also. Yes, I am happy with my results thus far and I’m hoping it continues also. Please let me know how you go as the time goes on, I would love to hear from you again.

  2. alice says:

    Very detailed review on breast actives, nice. Only request I have is that I want more frequent updates on your day to day progress. I placed my order yesterday, i’ll definitely be reporting back here with my results.

    • Candice says:

      Thanks for your comment Alice! Yes I know, I should update the site more frequently but like I’ve said in my post, my boobs have been growing gradually and there hasn’t really been much action up until now. So now that I am seeing such a big difference, I am hoping to get on here more often. I’m actually doing another progress post right now :) Thanks again, keep me updated on how you go using Breast Actives.

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