Starting My Journey With Breast Actives

Published on: Mar 16 2014 by Candice
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If you have been following my blog you will know that my lack of self confidence has set me on a mission to know about the best tips and best ways to get get bigger boobs naturally. I’ve done a hell a lot of research so I hope it pays off. At least I can share it all here with you all and we can all learn to conquer our insecurities and ultimately, find ways on how to make our boobs bigger and feel better about ourselves.


Anyway, my friend and I have decided to start using the Breast Actives Package. I should have done a post on it last week but to be honest, I haven’t done a lot of research; I guess this is because I didn’t really need to. There is women that have provided their reviews on the site and the site itself is has a lot of information about it.


We were originally going to share one pack to make it cheaper for us, but we figured that the price was pretty reasonable and they have special offers all the time. We got a special offer so we were pretty happy about that. I purchased my package last week and it came in the mail today. Take advantage of the Breast Actives Special Offer that I got.


Anyway, for those ladies following my journey, let’s begin the journey on Breast Actives and let’s see how we go :) Come and join me, try it out with me, why not?


Don’t forget that they run special offers so be sure to go to the official Breast Active Website (apparently there is a few companies that are producing fakes of exactly the same product so make sure you get ‘Breast Actives’). By going to the official Breast Actives website, you should get access to the special offers that they have.

Can’t wait to share my results with you and let you know what I think of Breast Actives and whether it works to make boobs fuller. If I build up the confidence, I may even share some photos…


If you aren’t familiar with Breast Actives, here is why I decided to try it to make my boobs bigger.

Why Did I Buy Breast Actives?

Come on Candice, its kinda obvious, I bought Breast Actives to see if it worked to make my breasts bigger and fuller and to hopefully increase 1 cup size. Plus, there is so many women that swear by it and it’s pretty affordable with the different packages that they offer, it can suit anyone, even if you are on a budget like me.


It’s also the #1 Best Selling Breast Enhancement Cream available. I’ve included what some women say at the end of my post. Some of their results are pretty amazing.


I’m pretty realistic though. I am not expecting to go from a B cup to a D cup overnight. All I want and all that I am after is to make my boobs a little bigger and fuller. I secretly think that this will help me grow my boobs fast.


Why Breast Actives Over All The Other Creams Available?

MakeMyBoobsBigger7The reason why I chose Breast Actives as a natural breast enhancement cream over all the other breast enlargement products on the market was for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the most natural cream to enlarge breasts that I found. It is rated the no. 1 breast product and they offer a money back guarantee. It was also the most trustworthy company to buy from. The site is really good, reliable and the company is really trustworthy and this is super important. The cream has been featured on MSN, CNN, AOL, USA Today, FOX, MSNBC.
Buying from a trustworthy company is important to me because in my research to find the best breast enlargement cream, I saw so many shonky websites selling the ‘next miracle breast enlargement’ drug, pill, cream, but they were all fakes and scams.

Breast Actives is a good company and they produce a good product, a lot of women swear that is is the best natural breast enhancement cream on the market so I was willing to give it a try. Remember, I am after a natural way to get my boobs bigger, I don’t want surgery or anything like that.

Why I’m Using Breast Actives?

I chose to try Breast Actives over any other breast enhancement product is because it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and it looks simple and easy to use. I don’t need any ‘expert treatment’, there are no invasive surgeries and it doesn’t involve any heavy drugs or substances. Plus, its affordable so I thought why not give it a go?

The Breast Actives Package I Bought

When you enter in your details on the first screen that you see on the Breast Actives Website, the second screen is the outline of all the different packages that they offer. I think they don’t advertise the products on the first page because it’s so highly competitive they don’t want their competitors to know their packages and prices (plus I guess its because there is so many fakes going around too). This is what the first page looks like, click the picture to go to the official website if you want.

MakeMyBoobsBigger5Official Breast Actives Website

 Anyway, once you hit the second page, you see the the variety of packages available, the prices and also the discounts and bonus special offers that they give you. This is pretty cool because you get to choose the package that suits you and your budget.


Because I haven’t received my paycheck this month, I had to chose the second package which is priced at $109.95. I got 2 packages included in this and saved $10, I was pretty happy about that. But the more you buy the more you save. My friend purchased the ‘4 Packages’ so she got 3 packages + 1 free. My package will last me for 2 months and I think that should be plenty to start seeing some results.


A lot of women say that by ordering the 6 month supply you really see the results because you need 6 months to see a big difference. However, the site does say that results can be seen in a few weeks so I am happy with my 2 months supply for now.


If you are interested in giving Breast Actives a go, follow the link below to get the special packages and save money too. Like they say, results don’t happen overnight (I mean if you have surgery the results are overnight, but don’t expect the same from creams).


Stay tuned as I progress through the package and I’ll keep you up to date with my results. Let’s see if Breast Actives really does work?

Breast Active Reviews


Mariuch says: “This product is absolutely amazing! I ordered the 6 month supply from the site and ended up only needing the a 3 month supply, I saw the results pretty quickly”


Momof2 says: “I’m sure with any product there will be some people that don’t have success with it…but give it a try! It’s relatively inexpensive given the results you can get. I’ve been taking this product, as instructed, for about 2.5 months and I’m so happy!”


H. Bongh says: ““I have been using the product for about a month and noticed a slight change in my breasts. My friend’s and husband has noticed to so that is a big plus for me”.


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  1. Katie says:

    Hey Candice, I’ve been following your blog for a while now so thank you, it’s a really nice site :) i’m glad you’ve mentioned about Breast Actives because i’ve been wondering whether or not i should buy this product. im joining you an the trial to see if it works…

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