Breast Surgery – Is It For You?

Published on: Mar 01 2014 by Candice
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Should I Get Breast Implants? This is the first question that pops into a woman’s mind when they want to get bigger boobs, they say ‘ I want to get breast implants to make my boobs bigger’. Professionally also called Breast Augmentation Surgery, or as we may like to call it, or better known as ‘boob job’, ‘breast job’, ‘getting fakies’, ‘getting fake boobs’.


But hey, with a sack full of money, healing time, being known as having ‘fake tits’ and not to mention the thought of getting cut open – boob surgery just ain’t an option for me. However, I am willing to spend time and a little bit of money trying to find the most natural and safe way to get bigger boobs.


It seems that every time I even switch the TV on, every TV commercial and all channels feature women with big boobs, or at least they don’t feature women with no boobs at all! What message does this send? Well it makes us women go crazy. Ha that is why I am here, trying to find a way to get bigger breasts.


It seems, the only feature they look for while hiring women for advertisements is an attractive face and big boobs. I have never spotted a TV commercial that doesn’t show women with small boobs for their advertisements. Ladies magazines are also responsible for augmenting this complex. The ladies magazines always feature slim women with big breasts for their advertisements.


According to a recent study it is found that 73% of women get into inferiority complex after reading the fashion magazines, especially women with small breasts. Hence, there is nothing shocking to know that a majority of female readers of fashion magazines who bear small boobs strive to death for discovering the ways to make their boobs look fuller naturally.


Most women who are depressed about their breast size, opt for breast enhancement surgery to boost their boobs’ size, but that’s not the right way!

Here I’ll explain some information I’ve found on breast surgery and why I it’s not a solution to increase my breast cup size.

Getting Fake Boobs 101

Breast enhancement surgery is one of the solutions for getting bigger bulky boobs. They work, I have to admit that. You surely do walk out of surgery with some big boobies. As a result of so much research, it has been found that the breast augmentation surgery has become the most sought after solution among all the cosmetic surgeries available. But at the same time, let me tell you that surgery is not the full fledge answer to the question getting bigger boobs.

Breast Surgery

If you’re going down the breast augmentation surgery road to getting bigger boobs and you have decided that you don’t mind putting a blind eye to the side effects or dangers that come along with it, then go for it. However, if you are upset about your small boobs, just remember, there is plenty of other options out there to get bigger boobs naturally and safely (and much more cost effective).

Breast surgery is not the be all and end all on how to get bigger breasts. Hold on! Surgery is not easy, its expensive, it hurts and it involves getting cut open.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Facts

  • All over the world, it is found that out of all the women who went for breast enhancement surgery, 30% of them came back after ten years of their surgery for correction.
  • When you choose breast enhancement surgery, just remember that you are exposing yourself to breast diseases, including breast cancer. Women who undergo breast surgery are more prone to breast diseases because it’s an unnatural process (duh, if you think inserting plastic or foreign material into your body is safe, think again).
  • Due to breast enhancement surgery you will lose the firmness and softness of your breast tissue, it becomes hard as rock! Ouch, I don’t even like of thinking about that feeling!
  • The FDA has declared that surgery is not a permanent solution to this problem. A renowned research indicates that within 5 years of having breast implant surgery, 10% of surgeries faced deflation. It’s like air slowly creeping out of a balloon; if it sounds funny let me tell you it is not funny. It’s pretty tragic when you think you have spent all that money, time and healing to be deflated in the end..
  • As a result of boob enlargement surgery, you may get victim of damaged nerve tissue and loss of skin sensation.
  • If you go to get a boob job for the first time, then consider it as your routine task as you will need to go through repetitive surgeries for handling the side effects of surgery.
  • Above all breast surgery is an expensive solution for obtaining bigger breasts. You need to spend $$$$ for it and along with that you need to take a break for recuperating the surgery.
  • With breast enhancement surgery you surely get bigger boobs, but you risk your other body organs. Many women who got surgery felt many complications in their breast; they are also known to cause damage to heart and lungs.

How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Ok, I know what you are thinking, naturally means it’s a slow process. But hey, I’d rather a slow process of getting bigger boobs as I’d rather find a natural way and safe way any day. Instead of getting breast implants, I’ve found a few natural alternatives to make your boobs bigger naturally. These have no side effects and are all natural! A couple of options for ladies looking at getting more voluptuous boobs naturally, you can use a natural breast enhancement cream, doing breast exercises or eating foods that make your boobs grow bigger.

Read my post on How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

My Verdict on How to Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger

If you haven’t got the gist of where I am at with getter bigger boobs then you really need to follow my lead a little better. Personally, I am after a safe, easy, cost effective and natural ways to grow my boobs bigger. After reading all the information on breast surgery to get bigger boobs, it doesn’t appeal to me. I am sure with daily maintenance with other natural methods, I can get bigger boobs. My friend recently purchased the Breast Actives Package and I am going to go buy it now and start sharing my progress soon on here soon.

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