Does Size Matter? I Want Bigger Boobs

Published on: Feb 21 2014 by Candice
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Size Does Matter! When it comes to size, it’s a two way street baby! It’s not all about size when it comes to men, wink wink, but breast size does matter!


There is not a single woman on this planet who does not know that the first thing most men notice about a woman is her breasts, okay there may be a few men out there that don’t but hey, I think I can be sure that a majority of men prefer breasts rather than no breasts at all. Whether you like it or not, or you would like to admit it, it’s true, men love breasts and most women would dream to get bigger breasts.


Because of this, a lot of women now desire to have a fuller, bigger and a more busty breast size. Women who are blessed with a big breast size are out of this tension, but the fact is that not every woman has big boobs.

Bigger and Fuller Boobs

Personally, I’ve always been affected by having small boobs. I’ve always wanted to have them bigger and fuller than what I have now. I’m not crazy though, I don’t believe the massive D cup fake boobs some women get through surgery are desirable either. The look that I want is a natural, womanly full breast size and I want to get the natural full breast look by make my breasts bigger naturally. Basically, I would be happy to have more fuller boobs. I would be happy to increase my boobs one cup size (or even half a cup size I would be fine with).


Like I have mentioned in my first post, I am not a fake boob surgery gal when it comes to wanting bigger boobs. I’d rather explore natural ways to get bigger boobs any day, you can call me hippie but I do believe (and I’m going to find it) the most natural and effective way to enhance my breasts.


I’ve done a fair bit of research on how to get bigger boobs naturally and hence why I started this site so I could share all my information with you and also give you some tips and tricks and secrets when it comes how to make your boobs look bigger. Oh and I also started this site to bring a community of women together to experience this and all share our stories and experiences. It will surely be funny, embarrassing and confronting, but hey, we are all women, I’m sure we can handle it and have a giggle together.

Women With Bigger Boobs Are More Womanly, Just Say’n

With all of my research on how to make these dam boobs, which really are just fat deposits, bigger, here are some tips I have for you. Listen up all women who feel depressed about their breast size, there is no need to worry anymore, the once problematic small breasts, there now exists plenty of options on how to get fuller boobs which enhances the size of your breasts.

Generally, I have found and personally I believe this to be true aswell, women with small boobs are found to be less confident because they are victim of complexities. From my personal point of view, I want bigger breasts because my perception of a woman is one of womanly curves, a nice round butt and fairly sizable breasts. That is just my opinion and that is why I want bigger boobs because I don’t feel as womanly without them.


Just a quick post for today to just say how I feel about boobs and I guess, where my inner desire to have bigger boobs comes from. Everyone’s desire to have bigger boobs is influenced by something. In my next post I hope to discuss a few tips and tricks I’ve found on quick ways to make your boobs bigger (and without surgery!).


Any questions or comments or anything that you think it useful in contributing to how you’ve made your boobs bigger, please leave a comment below.



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