Exercises to Make Boobs Bigger

Published on: Mar 14 2014 by Candice
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Cosmetic surgery is not the only solution to enhance your breast size; as a matter of fact it is the most harmful way and most extreme way! If you have been following my posts, you know that surgery is a no go for me. I will do whatever it takes to find a natural way to increase my breast size, no matter how many creams, gels, exercises, foods etc etc, I am willing to do it all natural and safely.


If you are anything like me, you want to make your breasts look bigger, the simply way to make my boobs bigger is, boob exercises! I had a little debate with one of my girlfriends the other day on whether exercises to make boobs bigger actually worked. And after doing some reading and discussing it further, and calling up a mutual personal trainer of ours, it is true. Exercises to make your boobs bigger work!


I guess it is the most natural and easiest way to make your boobs bigger also!


Basically it’s the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts that need to be toned in order to enhance your breast size. This is because breasts do not have muscles and workouts do not directly affect them therefore you need to carry out the exercises that will help you achieve your target and you should perform the work outs in such a way that you get the greatest benefit out of each one of them.


Here are some exercises to grow your boobs:

Exercises to Enhance Your Boob Cup Size

Incline Fly Press Exercise

In order to perform this exercise you need to have some weights handy, heavy enough to support your body mass. After that you need to lay on the floor or on an incline board, stretching out on either of them and supporting your head, neck and upper back with a cushion or head rest.

You must keep your elbows approximately 90 degrees away from your body and your chin should be pressed in. You then need to work out by bringing the weights closer to one another in front of your chest but the weights should not touch each other. This step should be repeated over and again. Just get in there and do it, you should be fine once you get the hand of it.

Pectoral Press Exercise is the BEST Exercise to Make Your Boobs Bigger

This is by far the best exercise to make your boobs bigger. The pectoral press exercise will enable the pectoral muscles to become larger and strengthened and ultimately make your boobs become bigger. The dumbbells that you will need for this workout should weigh about five pounds. For this workout keep your feet a bit away from each other, slightly bend your knees and keep your back intact. Keep on moving the bells towards and away from your chest and repeat this exercise several times.

Push Ups to Make Your Boobs Bigger

Put your hands exactly underneath the shoulders and your stomach on the floor. Rise onto your toes by pushing your body upwards until your arms straighten at a 45 degree angle. In this way lift yourself up and down again and again until you do this for several times. Keep in mind that your stomach should not touch the floor and that you keep your back straight.

Doing Breast Exercises is the Most Natural Way to Increase your Boobies

The most easiest and natural way to enhance your breast size is doing exercise, but to do it in the right manner is most important.
All the workouts require stretching your body parts and it is important because you need to prepare your muscles for exercise by stretching them before the workout and stretching them to relax after the workout.
If you do have any medial issues, always consult your physician if you are worried as it is important in order to avoid all kinds of injuries.

All of the different types of workouts are recommended to be carried out in order to enhance your breast size because each exercise affects your muscles differently. Therefore performing of all these workouts on alternate days is essential to increase your breast size.

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