Foods That Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger

Published on: Mar 25 2014 by Candice
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In today’s post I am going to discuss a topic of how you can grow your breasts faster by eating certain types of foods. A really interesting read if you have the time. Also, recently I did a brief progress report on my Breast Active journey thus far. If you are interested in finding a natural breast enhancement cream, check out my post and follow my progress.

Many women these days are interested in knowing ways to improve their boob’s size because they want to look more hot and desirable to everyone. But not only that, it’s to make ourselves feel better also. Another reason is that alot of women want to get more opportunities in their professional and love life and they think getting bigger boobs will help getting them there. Remember, what I said about the TV commercials and all the women with big boobs?

Why are so many women disappointed of their small boob size? They want bigger and firmer boobs to look hot? But the question is that how to do so? There are different pills available in the market that claim to increase your boob size but they have a lot of side effects and do not produce good results. Surgery is another option that people consider (often first which is scary) but like I’ve said before, surgery is not an option for me, I’m looking for a natural breast enhancement solution.

bigger-boobsSo is there any natural way to increase their boob size? Yes, I’ve started with a natural breast enhancement cream but you can also get a bigger bust by eating the right type of food or by doing simple exercises to make your boobs bigger.

Yes food can solve the most awaited wish for bigger breasts in the most natural way. Now women should be happy because they do not have to spend a lot of money on pills and surgeries. The best part is that you are saved from all the harmful side effects.
It comes down to this. We have to eat foods that are rich in Oestrogen and Progesterone hormones. To be honest, I don’t entirely believe that eating 100% of these foods ALL the time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week will yield you with massive boobs. But I do believe that these foods can help increase your breast size slowly and ensure you maintain fuller boobs.

What these hormones have are high levels of Prolactin, Prostaglandins and other important ones. These are the compounds that play an important role in improving your boob size. Actually, you know what, I can tend to agree with some of these foods. I do have a friend that swears by eating some of these foods has made her boobs big. At the end of the day, any help to maintain our womanly hormones including Oestrogen means that we are helping increase our bra size.

Foods That Grow Boobs Naturally

Read on this list of foods that make your boobs fuller.

1. Eat more fresh fruits:

No one can deny the importance of fruits. They are not only helpful in building your body but also help in gaining boob’s size. They limit the production of a male hormone called testosterone which stops the boob’s development. Cherries, apples, plums, papaya and many other fresh fruits greatly help in getting big boobs.

2. Chicken:

boobs-in-bikiniChicken has high levels of Estrogen hormones which help in improvement of boob’s size. Include chicken in your daily food to attain firmer boobs.

3. Add green vegetables to your diet:

Don’t forget to add green leafy vegetables to your diet as it improves the production of breast tissues and help in breast enlargement. It is also the best cure for stretch marks and increases boobs’ size.

4. Hop flower:

Hop flower has high amount of Flavonoids which regulates mammary glands that result in bigger boobs.

5. Saw palmetto Berry:

Saw palmetto Berry is an oil-containing herb that increases the production of Estrogen hormone in your body. It also reverses the amount of atrophy in your mammary glands.

6. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds also contain flavonoids that have the same effect as Estrogen and result in larger boobs. Its continuous use in daily routine will give you good outcomes. It will also be good for milk producing women as it increases milk production.

7. Red clover:

They have rich quantities to Isoflavones that behaves exactly like Estrogens when they dissolve in water and is the successful method to grow firmer boobs.

8. Wild yam root:

It is the best source for increasing boobs size. It contains the powerful Phytochemicals which are useful for boobs. It also cures osteoporosis.

9. Fenugreek Seed Extract:

Fenugreek seed extracts are rich in both hormones Estrogen and Progesterone that stimulates the mammary glands development. As mammary glands require high level of Estrogen so it helps to improve your boobs.

Food All The Way, The Most Natural Way

fuller-bustHaving large and firmer boobs is the dream of every woman to look hot and more attractive, so that they will be admired by all men. But not all women have been blessed with bigger boobs, like ah me! I’m definitely going to start incorporating more of these foods on a daily basis to assist with attaining bigger boobs. Some of them are really interesting like Saw Palmetto which I have seen at my local grocery store before.
It’s interesting that nature is the way it was intended. I am sure that eating these foods is the most natural way to get bigger breasts. An interesting read and some useful information for us chicky babes that are lacking that boob fat.

I’m currently trialling Breast Actives as a natural way to make my boobs bigger, you can too! For more information, see below.


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  1. Vicky says:

    Great post and very interesting. I’ve heard a few of these but not all of them so thanks alot! Great way to get bigger boobs naturally, that is for sure. Vicky

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