How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Published on: Apr 10 2014 by Candice
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In my breast surgery post, I briefly mentioned there were three ways you can make your boobs bigger naturally. Don’t just opt for the most expensive and easy option of surgery. There is natural ways to get a bigger bust and they do work!

These include:

A Breast Cream

nice-big-boobsI’m currently using a breast cream and it’s working so I can’t recommend it enough over all other methods.

The cream I am using is an all natural formula to enhance your breast size. The Breast Actives Package is a program which includes a natural cream and exercises to get bigger breasts. I bought the Breast Actives package, I started it last month and you can track my progress under the ‘My Bigger Boobs Progress’ Category or read my latest progress update here.

Breast Exercises To Get Bigger Breasts

Doing push-ups and lifting dumbbells will also increase your breast size, read about the best breast exercises to get bigger boobs. Exercises, to a certain extent, will help build muscles underneath the breast tissue which will help to extend your boobs outwards. Just be careful here though, you don’t want to build too many chest muscles and start looking manly, let’s stay feminine looking! It may help to use the cream and do the exercises together, you will get better, quicker and longer lasting results as you are combining exercise and bloodflow to the area.

Exercises-to-Get-Bigger-BoobsFoods That Make Your Boobs Bigger

I’ve found quite a few foods that increase bust size apparently, promote the growth of breast tissue. These include foods that have a high amount of oestrogen. Pretty handy. You can read my full post on it here aswell.

Just a quick post for today. I will update this shortly to include more detail but thought that I really need to re-iterate to all the young woman that you don’t need surgery to get bigger boobs. There is plenty of natural ways to get bigger boobs. You just need to follow the right advice and you should be fine. That is the purpose of my site – to share the wealth of information I have about getting larger breasts and helping women overcome their insecurities and do something about it, naturally!

You can get a special offer from the company that I got the natural breast enlargement cream, Breast Actives. See below for more details:


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