My Breast Actives Review

Published on: Apr 23 2014 by Candice
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Hi Ladies

Let’s get into it, it’s Day 38 using Breast Actives and today I can finally provide a full honest review of it and a full overview about the product and how it has helped me get bigger boobs.

And guess what? I also built up the confidence to share my progress pics (before and after) with everyone (this is massive for me! I guess it’s because I don’t think anyone will believe me that my boobs have got bigger from using a breast cream only! So I think it’s only fair to my loyal followers to give them some photos).

In posting these pictures up, I know I will be open to criticism, so please, if you want to comment, only leave something positive! If I get alot of negative feedback about them I may have to remove them and I don’t think that will be fair to all the women out there that actually need help.

If you have been following my progress up until now, you probably already know that I have seen some positive results using this breast cream to make my boobs bigger. My last progress post was on Day 21, in that post I was able to share with everyone the most significant changes with my boobs by using Breast Actives.

In my last post I provided a bucket load (or should I say a breast full LOL) of information on how my boobs felt bigger, how they looked fuller and how I got rid of my chicken fillets!

Today’s post is Day 38 since I started using the Breast Actives Program. Am I still happy with Breast Actives? Yes. Do I continue to see changes in my breast size? Yes. Have I had any side effects? No. Am I one happy fuller busted women? Yes Yes Yes.

So if your new to my site and you’ve checked out this post for the first time, keep reading to be entertained by my full story, my struggles and where I have come from up until now. If you are a loyal follower and you have been keeping up to date with my progress up until now, feel free to go straight down to ‘My Experience Using Breast Actives‘ to find out my full review on Breast Actives as a natural breast enhancement cream and how it has actually worked on me to make my breasts bigger and fuller. Also, if your not following me already, please do! I’d love to have you part of the community, comment on my site or contact me if you have any questions.

From The Beginning


Okay, these aren’t my boobs but this is what inspired me to want bigger boobs. That big, full boob look is something I’ve always wanted.

Roughly about 6 months ago now, I made the step towards investing in myself.

Instead of finding shortcut ways to make my boobs look bigger everyday, like inserting chicken fillets in my bras (omg, how annoying that was looking back on it and how many chicken fillets I used to have in my underwear drawer), I got down and dirty and started looking into ways to make my boobs bigger naturally.

It is through all my research and my passion to find natural ways to get bigger breasts is the reason behind starting this site. This has brought me to this point of trialling out a natural cream to make breasts bigger, Breast Actives. And guess what? 6 months on, I can confidently say that I am finally happy, physically and emotionally :)

Like I’ve said before, half the battle with having small, saggy and lifeless boob (LOL) is not only physical, but mental aswell. For me personally, having small boobs made me feel like a child, I felt like I hadn’t fully developed. Kinda like my mind had but my body was left behind. I wanted to have womanly curves and feel womanly! All my life I have lacked confidence and self esteem, sounds silly that this can cause such doubts but no-one truly understands unless you have small boobs.

I am one of those women, that will try anything and everything to get bigger boobs. If someone recommends it, I’ll buy it and try it, all with one goal and one goal only, to make my boobs bigger. So when I found out that about a breast cream that enhances the size of your breasts and is 100% natural, I was all in.

And was I hesitant at the start? Yes, truth be told I was. But I read more and more about it and I though, what the hec, it’s only a cream anyway and it can’t do any damage so I may as well give it a go.  So I did and I am ever so thankful now looking back that I took the plunge (so I thought back then). Now it’s easy street.

My Experience Using Breast Actives

The Nitty Gritty, What is Breast Actives?

BreastActivesIngredientsLike I said before, I’ve referred my friends about the breast enhancer cream that I use as my ‘boob cream’. Commercially, it is known and marketed as ‘Breast Actives‘. So your probably wondering, ‘what is this breast actives cream she is rambling on about?’

Oh and you probably want to know why I choose this cream. Well below you will get more of an understanding why I choose this cream above all others. Basically, it all comes down to this, I wanted to apply a cream but I wanted it to be as natural as possible. This cream is the most natural breast cream you can get. Anyway, let’s carry on…to understand about using a breast cream to enlarge your boobs you need to know a little about the cream itself.

So welcome to an introduction on Boob Cream 101: Breast Actives is an all natural breast enlargement cream. It is made from a formula that is designed to lift and enhance your breasts, making your breasts bigger, firmer and fuller. It is the best solution to abstain from the painful surgery and is the best natural way to grow your breasts.

It also includes a natural supplement treatment that claims that not only it enhances the breast; it also adds firmness in your breast by lifting them up, making them more perkier.

Breast Actives as a natural boob enlargement cream consists of three different steps which will lead towards best results as compared to other breast enhancement products in the market. The first part is the use of natural Breast Actives pills/supplements, second is Breast Actives massage cream and third part is the exercises. The nutritional supplement and massage cream of Breast Actives are designed specifically in increasing the breast size by keeping the originality of your breast skin. The exercise program just allows your breasts to become bigger naturally and ensure that your breasts stay fuller for longer.

The ingredients in the Breast Actives nutritional supplement are composed of natural substances that will help to increase the fat storage within the breast tissue to increase its size. The Breast Actives ingredients include Vitamin E with Fenugreek Seed, Fennel Seed, Kelp and Dong Quai Root. All these ingredients are natural extracts.

The massage cream of Breast Active also contains natural extracts, which are Red Clover extract, Aloe Vera concentrate, and a unique and most important ingredient called Pueraria Mirifica. This extract is added in the massage cream because it helps to increase flow of blood in the breast tissue which increases your breast size permanently. So this ingredient is considered vital.

The third and last step of the Breast Actives program is exercise for breast enhancement. The exercise guide is available once you buy the product. You need to do that exercise just for a few minutes per day. The exercise includes a few dietary changes, ways to do massage and special breast specific exercises to get bigger boobs. Each exercise will help to improve the strength of your pectoral muscles, which helps in enhancing breasts.

My Thoughts on Using a Natural Breast Cream

For me personally, I have always dreamed (and envied) woman that have two things, curves and big boobs. I’ve always wanted boobs that were fuller and bigger. At Day 38, Breast Actives is giving me the boobs that I have always wanted.

I truly believe that Breast Actives, as a natural breast cream, is a very unique solution to enhance boobs. I can’t vouch for any other products out there and I can’t compare the results to anything else either, all I know is that I’ve used Breast Actives for 38 days now and it has done what I needed (to get rid of my chicken fillets lol).

No, in all seriousness, I didn’t really expect any major changes in my breast size. I’m not expecting, and I still don’t, to go from a B cup to a D cup. I just don’t think that is possible. What I do think is possible with a natural breast cream is to go from my small B cup to a full B cup or even a small C cup. If I get to that I will truly jump for joy. Just the sheer fact that I have seen such a big size increase already, in 38 days, I am very happy. I think they say on average, it takes 6 weeks for women to see results, and a full 6 months to get the best results.

Why Did I Chose Breast Actives Over Other Breast Enhancing Products?


Ok, this may sound a bit vain. But one of the reasons why I chose Breast Actives is because I saw quite a few models and celebrities using it (I’ve always wondered how they had full boobs yet they were so stick like figured, but they didn’t have fake boobs?!?). So now we know! So I thought, hey why not, lets try it.

But in all seriousness, although that was one of the reasons, but in regards to my health and well being, one of the biggest reasons I bought Breast Actives is because it is the most natural way to get bigger breasts, the product itself is natural. Another massive reason aswell is that I wanted to get bigger and fuller boobs, but I still wanted them to look natural (I didn’t want the fake look).

It’s also the No. 1 breast Enhancement product on the market. Not only that but I knew I was buying from a reputable company, its also recommended by CNN, FOX, USA Today, MSNBC, ABC News and MSN.

Not really much more to say what made me buy Breast Actives, I think that pretty much covers everything. Just the fact that its natural and is manufactured by a trustworthy company.

My Before and After Pictures From Using Breast Actives

Like I’ve said above, please don’t be judgmental, it has taken alot to build up the confidence to make these pictures public. If I get any sort of negative comments, I will have to delete them and I don’t think that is fair to my followers. The ‘before’ photo was taken around Day 18 (as per my Day 21 post) and the after photo was taken yesterday at Day 38.


So What Now?

I am going to continue using Breast Actives, for its only been 38 days since I started. Absolutely stoked that my boobs have come this far and I am going SOLO now without my breast pads anymore. I actually haven’t been shopping for new clothes yet, looking forward to buying some more low cut tops and dresses. Talking about clothes, one of the biggest changes that I noticed was that my clothes started fitting tighter around my bust, which I might add, was a really nice feeling. I feel even my casual tops, are sitting and fitting on me better and I have more shape when I wear clothes now.

A Big Thank You

I just quickly wanted to say thanks to all the lovely ladies out there for contacting me and commenting on my blog. I love hearing your feedback and progress. I feel that I have gained alot from starting this and sharing my experience with everyone. I hope I have given confidence to women out there looking for natural ways to get bigger breasts. If I can save 1 or 2, or 5-6 women from getting fake boobs and staying with their natural breasts, I will be really happy. It is through sharing our experiences that we all become more educated and informed about natural breast enhancement. There is natural ways such as what I have tried in a natural breast enhancement cream and it doesn’t cost a lot of money and its easy.

If your looking to get bigger boobs but ensuring they still look natural, give Breast Actives a go, it actually worked better than I ever expected and I feel so happy that I can see big changes in my breasts (and bigger breasts for that matter!). Find out more below and take advantage of the specials they have on offer.

I would love to hear from you. Have you used a breast enhancement cream? Have you used Breast Actives and are you happy with the results? Please share your story so we can help other women get bigger boobs and gain more confidence! Share your comment below or feel free to contact me.


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